Accessing development application comments

Between March and May 2020, technology and procedural changes were made to the DSC's land development database (LDO) and related technology systems. These changes require customers to reset their LDO password, or request a new account if they are unable to perform a password reset (see links below). This is especially important for City-County Inspections customers and Planning customers who want to access older plans and comments stored in the LDO database. These changes also impact how customers retrieve comments for active cases under review.

Please be advised that as of May 18, 2020, Planning no longer uses LDO as a repository for plans and comments. Below is a summary of how plans and comments can be accessed relative to when technology systems were converted, and when plans and comments were generated.

  1. For cases and comments generated prior to March 2020 , will be accessible via the External LDO. Permit and case summary and approval information can be queried without logging in, however users do need to be logged in order to view attached plans and comments. A shared set of log in credentials are available for customer use as shown below. 
    1. Shared log in credentials and instructions for accessing plans and comments in LDO :
    2. Log in using the following email address:
    3. Use the following password:  Siteplan1
    4. Once logged in, the Plans Review tab will appear in the left-hand menu (see screenshot at bottom of page).
    5. Click Query for Plan Reviews under the Plans Review tab, the enter the case number in the field. If needed, you can query case numbers by parcel, address, or owner using the Search tab. You can also query cases by parcel via Durham Maps by following these development search instructions.
    6. Once a case is displayed via the Plans Review tab, any attached plans and comments will appear as separate links in the Application Information section (also shown in screenshot).
    7. Cases and comments generated after March 2020 will not appear in LDO, (go to #2 below).
  2. If comments were issued between March 6 and May 18, send a request to the case planner for assistance accessing comments. During this time period the City experienced a significant malware attack, and subsequently expanded web-based services to allow for COVID-related remote working. As a result of the technology enhancements, the repository for comments transitioned from LDO to The case planner will advise where to retrieve the comments for the specific case in question. If the comments are in LDO, follow #1 above. If the comments are in, follow #3 below. To identify the case planner, enter the case number into the External LDO search, then click "View application/permit details" after accessing a case to expand the project details. 
  3. Comments issued after May 18, 2020 should be in, not LDO. Applicants receive a link to the case file folder when their application is deemed complete. Applicants should then check the link at the end of the scheduled review period to access the comment document. If you do not have this link and need it please advise and we will send it to you. 
  4. If none of the above options resolve your concern, and you are trying to access comments on an active case under review, please contact the case planner for assistance.
  5. If you do not know who your case planner is, or need to request records for previously-approved cases or permits, please contact us

Accessing attached plans and comments in LDO for cases prior to March 2020

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