What is Architectural Review?

Architectural review applies to projects proposing changes to building elevations only (no site changes), located on a parcel that is subject to one or more design standards. Architectural review applies in the following circumstances. **[Unified Development Ordinance Section 7.3.1:](https://durham.municipal.codes/UDO/7.3.1)** Applies to all non-industrial facilities with exterior elevations greater than 100 feet in total length or diameter and visible from a public right-of-way or adjacent residential property. **Development Plan:** Applies to properties which have, as part of their zoning, an approved Development Plan with either text or graphic design guidelines or commitments. **Design District:** Applies to properties located in a Design District, where specific architectural standards apply as part of that zoning district. **Neighborhood Protection Overlay:** Applies to properties designated with a Neighborhood Protection Overlay with their zoning, such as Tuscaloosa Lakewood and Old West Durham, and where specific standards apply as a part of that overlay  
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