How can I view the plat to a property?

To find out what the plat book and page for a specific property are, please refer to our article on the Development Tracker.

Once you have the plat book and page for a property, you need to access the Durham County Register of Deeds Public Records Search. It can be found at this link: You will need to click on the disclaimer text in blue to enter the site.

Once you do, you will see a welcome message and a bar headings. From this bar, click on the words "Real Estate". A drop down menu will appear. From the drop down menu, select "Search Map/Plat Index" by clicking on it. The next screen will show a place for Grantor Name (which you will ignore) as well as fields for Book and Page. You will enter the plat book and page that you looked up using the Development Tracker. Do not put anything in the field for Grantor Name. Once you have typed in the book and page into the fields, click on either of the green search buttons.

The result should appear in the middle of the webpage, usually labelled 1. Next to the number there will be an icon that looks like a piece of paper with lines on it and the word "View" next to it in blue. Click on this and a new browser window should open with the image of the plat. There is a bar at the top of this page that will enable to navigate and manipulate the plat image.

To get a copy of your plat to print, click on the green "Get Image Now" button to the right of the plat image. Another window should open and give you options for downloading a pdf image of the plat. You should be able to download the image. Once the image opens in Adobe Acrobat, you should be able to print the plat and/or save the image to your computer as a pdf file.

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