How to find records of permits or zoning code enforcement?

The quickest and most direct way to access this information is through the City’s Land Development Office (LDO), which is a web-based tool that will allow you to search active permit status, and past permits and zoning violations. LDO link:

Land Development Office

  1. Using the permit viewer Click “Application/Permit” select desired search criteria using the left-hand menu. You can search by permit number, address, project name, or owner. Click the book icons within the permit to view approvals, attachments, and related documents, and click CO sign-offs to view Certificates of Occupancy.

  2. Using the code enforcement viewer Enter search criteria after clicking the Code Enforcement link on the left-hand menu.

Some older records are not available online, but we might be able to track down paper versions. Please submit a request to our records administrator, using the link below:

If doing so, please provide as much specific information as possible about the record you are seeking, for example site address, parcel ID number, permit number / type / date.

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